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Anthology titled Queer Potli: Memories, Imaginations and Re-imaginations of Urban Queer Spaces in India – published by Queer Ink; edited by Pawan Dhall, Varta Trust; August 2016; Rs.199; available for purchase at in e-book format (ePub and Kindle versions).

Synopsis: What happened in Voodoo, Mumbai’s first gay bar and nightclub? How did daily commute in a crowded local train between Barasat and Kolkata shape someone’s queer experience? Does ‘home’ truly signify safety for a queer woman? Has the virtual queer space transcended class divisions? This anthology explores these questions, amongst many others, through personal and shared experiences of love and loss, some nostalgic and some full of hope, some humorous and some educational. The anthology brings together a uniquely diverse blend of experiences that explores human stories, giving us a peek into the urban spaces we occupy.

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