Saturday, August 01, 2015

Happy birthday 2 our friendship!

People, Aug '15
Birthday wishes from Varta readers . . . Facebook posts and messages, phone calls, WhatsApp messages. Thank you all!

Amitabha Sengupta: It's always been lovely to grow with u dear Varta . . .

Aparna Banerjee: Wish we can grow all together with Varta, wishes loads of love hugs.

Dhrubo Jyoti: Amazing stuff . . . more power to Varta.

Indrani Kar: Congratulations!! Keep up the good work! I suggest 2 things . . . Best of Varta Book or a reading session, film screening n interactive sessions . . . Or designing an online short certificate course on Gender and Sexuality (We don't have anything like that here, do we?) Congratulations once again and looking forward to all the new Varta ventures in d future!  

Souvik Ekamebadwitiyam: Congratulations and best wishes. Keep up the great job. More power to your keyboard!

Riju Banerjee: This is wonderful  . . .  All best wishes.

Debasmita Dasgupta: Congratulations! Way to go .

Suchandra Ganguly: Wow congratulations! Kudos to the efforts taken . . . 

Debgopal Mondal: Congratulations . . . to all Varta family!

Koushik Hore: Many many congratulations .

Sudha Jha: Congratulations and best wishes . . . Long live Varta!!

Prosenjit Pal: We can start Varta in Bengali. What is others' opinion? . . .

Suman Pal: Congratulations on the 2nd b'day of Varta . . . I have followed the Blog for a long time now and it has helped me through times good and bad! So thank you for that. 

L. Ramakrishnan: Happy birthday to Varta!!! Glad to see the milestone . . .

Sudarshan Das: Tomader jatrai safollyo asuk (Wish you a successful journey). I wish I am also a part of Varta.

Special thanks to you Vishal Tondon for introducing Varta Facebook page to 2,000 of your friends!

Artwork credit: Prosenjit Pal

Thank you also for your wishes and comments: Shuvojit Moulik, Rana Sinha, Pallav Patankar, Subhalaxmi Mohanty, Kaustav Manna, Kaushik Gupta, Sayambhu Sen, Ujjaini Srimani, Anubhav Gupta, Rebina Subba, Rupsha Chakraborty, Arka Sarkar . . .

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  1. Congratulations! More power to you in the coming years!