Thursday, August 25, 2016

We have moved . . .

Notice, Aug '16

We have moved to – our new website, which will henceforth include also the monthly issues of Varta in a new webzine format. The 36th (August 2016) issue is already up on the new site. But this blog site is not going anywhere. We will continue to maintain it with all information related pages up-to-date.

Before you move on, spare a look at our new page on Anthologies – another debut in Varta’s third birthday month! Our first anthology titled Queer Potli: Memories, Imaginations and Re-Imaginations of Urban Queer Spaces in India, a collaborative venture with Queer Ink, Mumbai, is just out in an e-book format (print version in the works). Buy, read, share!

Best wishes from the Varta team!