'Varta' Readership Survey

Varta would like to get to know its readers better. All you need to do is to post the answers to any or all of the questions listed below in the comments box:

1) Your age?

2) Your occupation?

3) Your gender? Your sexual orientation?

4) How often do you access the Varta blog?

5) How much time do you spend reading the blog?

6) Any suggestions for articles and columns?

Please note that you have the option of posting your answers anonymously.

Thank you for your time! 


  1. Age**.
    Works at NGO.
    Trans Woman, likes a man.
    Most of the time.
    almost 30 min or more.
    It would be good if Varta gives beauty tips and use hyperlinks in it.

  2. 43
    Business Administration
    Gender Fluid, Pan sexual
    Whenever there is an alert over Facebook
    15 - 30 minutes a day
    Nothing as of now. Its pretty good already.

  3. 35
    Less then 5 minutes
    Not sure

  4. 28
    Gender fluid, Homosexual
    try to read it as much as and whenever possible
    around 30 mins a day.
    Liked the articles a lot.they are pretty different n interesting.please keep it up....!

  5. 1.28yrs
    4.depending on when I get a good article notification on facebook.which is often
    5. Variable
    6. Its pretty good.keep it up :) Try spreading beyond the lgbt community as far as possible and create more and more awareness in the rest of the society.

  6. 1. 21 years
    2. Student of dreadful engineering!
    3. Male/ homosexual
    4. Whenever there isn't no exams or project deadlines, everyday once
    5. It's really good. I think maybe some critical analysis into some topics of the lgbt political plans would be nice.

  7. 1- 26 years old
    2- freelance film maker/ director
    3- male.... gay
    4- as much as possible.... 4/5 days in a week
    5- per day 15/20 minutes
    6- till date its perfect.... i live varta very much, specially articles written by pawan dhall :-)

  8. 31
    Development Professional
    Male, Straight
    Around once in 15 days and when I get facebook alert
    Around 30 mins to an hour
    It's pretty good and covering a range of issues. However, would like to see stories from Odisha. I know more and more people have to contribute to this

  9. 31
    Working Women
    Female, Straight
    When I get facebook alert
    Around 15-20 mins
    It is quite good. No comments as of now.

  10. 45
    Male, Gay.
    When I get an email.
    1-2 hours (not at a stretch)
    Sections in local languages.

  11. 32
    student of law and human rights
    Male, Homosexual
    When I get notification
    5-10 mins/day