Monday, May 12, 2014

Too hot to write

Vartanama, Clickhappy! May '14
By Pawan Dhall

May is too hot to write an editorial, but not too hot . . .

For a cup of tea sweetened with eye candy

All photo credits: Pawan Dhall

Or to lust for some low hanging fruits

Or to have them served on a platter

Certainly it is not too hot for a riot of colours

Or to vote for the people who claim to run the country . . .

And least of all to admire the people who actually run the country!

We hope it was not too hot to read through this . . . wishing all readers, zesty summers, and do hop on to the other pages this issue of Varta!

Pawan Dhall aspires to be a rainbow journalist and believes in taking a stand, even if it’s on the fence – the view is better from there!

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