Monday, November 17, 2014

To print or not to print?

Vartanama, Nov '14
By Pawan Dhall

With this issue of Varta, we complete 16 months of publication. All along, right from the start, we have deliberated extensively on publishing also a monthly print (tabloid) version of Varta newspaper. In the process, varying views have come up in our discussions, including if indeed we publish the tabloid, what frequency should it have – monthly, quarterly or some other frequency? Alternately, should we just stick to an online version (this blog) and rather focus on improving its content, looks, user-friendliness and reach? Additionally, what languages other than English should we publish the newspaper in?

As we continue to discuss the matter, we also turn to our readers for their suggestions and insight. Is a print version needed? If yes, for whom? Will the existing blog reader also want to read a print version (with different content) or will she want to completely switch over to a print version? Or should the print version serve a completely different readership? We would love to hear from you at or in the comments space below this article.

Photo credit: Pawan Dhall

The articles this issue touch upon gender justice in different contexts: As discussed in an international symposium (see picture above), as highlighted by a queer support group during Chhath Puja celebrations in Kolkata, from the standpoint of legal intervention against child labour . . . and more. Your feedback welcome as ever!

Pawan Dhall aspires to be a rainbow journalist and believes in taking a stand, even if it’s on the fence – the view is better from there!

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  1. Yes, please, and in as many languages is possible. It would be really good if the non English speaking crowd could read these issues as well as they are the ones most far removed from such issues. Yet they need to know about them the most