Saturday, June 20, 2015

Gensex mish-mash

Vartanama, Jun '15
By Pawan Dhall

South Indian Punjabi Chinese Juice and Ice Cream . . . what would you make out of this geographic and gastronomic concoction that can be interpreted in multiple ways? Do the juice and ice cream in question have South Indian, Punjabi and Chinese influences? Or is the juice in question Chinese and served by a South Indian Punjabi along with ice cream?

Photo credit: Pawan Dhall

Well, the eatery in Bijapur town of northern Karnataka that has put up this board at its entrance probably has a less complicated agenda in mind. And they are probably bang-on when it comes to the fact that people’s food tastes can be quite an eclectic mix.

From food to sex, and thereon to sexuality and gender could be quite a wild leap for many. Yet there are similarities. If one takes a close look at what sex, gender and sexuality consist of, there can be no queerer blend at hand. For instance, the recipe this issue of Varta reads something like this: Queer-themed literature and films from Shillong, mixed with queer pride from Chennai, fused with caste and disability issues, all given a vigorous shake-up by shock therapy for ‘curing’ queer persons from all over India – each ingredient important, singly and together. And this is just one among countless such recipes that are possible.

Do click on the hyperlinks and discover what’s inside, won’t you?

Pawan Dhall aspires to be a rainbow journalist and believes in taking a stand, even if it’s on the fence – the view is better from there!

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