Friday, January 03, 2014

Unleashing desires

Clickhappy! Jan '14
Pankaj Gupta presents a painting series titled Munthan – Mun Ki Uljhan (Surfing of Emotions).

This is a story of nameless relationships that form and disintegrate every day . . . of social acceptance that never seems to come forth . . . why do we compel a person to surrender before society and live only with the hope that in the next birth there will be no need to hide one’s love in a closet . . . why don’t we accept the fact that a same-sex relationship can be as complete as any other . . . why do we belittle such relationships as ‘a western influence’ . . . why can’t we see them as a matter of choice . . . if we can’t choose our life partner irrespective of their gender and sex, what is the meaning of Fundamental Rights enshrined in the Constitution . . . can’t we imagine the pain in living a life of constant self-denial, of not being able to experience the rainbow colours of life . . . why do we bloody tender aspirations with cruel words and deeds . . . why do we burden them with mountains of guilt, with layers and layers of false persona . . . enough is enough, stop this mindless babble of the natural and unnatural . . . stop condemning people and making their lives a living hell . . . let a thousand flowers bloom . . . live and let live. – Pankaj Gupta


All paintings oils on canvas by knife.   


Pankaj Gupta is an artist with a cause. 


  1. Thank U Pawan....4 this honour...n taking all the pains to translate my written text from Hindi to English...I congratulate to the Entire team of Varta for doing an excellent Job,
    With Best Wishes.

    1. Thank you on behalf of Varta, and I'm glad we could provide your work a space. The good fortune is ours!

  2. totally bowled over, you work will surely help change the mindset