Friday, October 23, 2015

Ifs and dos and don’ts for the queer in 76 countries

Poetry, Oct '13
By Rajib Chakrabarti

Learn the art of concealing
the thrill that you feel deep within.
If you fall in love
don’t let it so soften you
that the inevitable hurt becomes unbearable.

If you don’t score high on intelligence
social and emotional
if you can`t master the twin arts
of repression and sublimation,
seek and find respected escape
in religion or erudition,
you hardly have a shield or armour.

Invest wisely to get
secure emotional dividends.

You may caress and cuddle with words
but with an eye
on the line.
Control the smoke at least
if you can`t control the fire.
Love is a dangerous word,
as a safeguard against a huge pitfall
probe deep to find out the sub-category.

Watching an adulterous murderer being tried
I quake in fear
because my congenital difference
is no less odious to them.

Rajib Chakrabarti teaches English and hopes that scientific rationalism and secular ethics will one day replace religious dogma.

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  1. I believe the "crime" and suffering mentioned by Rajib Chakrabarti in his poem about queers in 76 countries will become history on one fine day where this poem will be quoted in future